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“Honestly… I saw 599 Euro just to register and I was a little intimidated. But then my agent Phillip Johnson explained to me all the amazing services I was going to get and it completely made sense. This company is very professional. So far so good – I still have to study for an IELTS exam so I included an English course in one of my packages.”

Emma Smith

“Filling out the forms were easy. Exactly why I registered with them in the first place. Highly recommend using them.”

Shofia Elliott

“I was afraid to use this company because someone on facebook warned me about them. Once I talked to an agent, all my worries went right out the window. Placing my trust in this company has brought me nothing but relief and satisfaction. I’m completing the Canada immigration process step by step. It’s wicked easy with these guys. Props to my Immigration Expert, Samuel Goldmen.”

David Taylor

“They surprised me for sure! I didn’t think immigrating could go this smoothly. I liked the way they got me quickly to a RCIC.”

Amelia Taylor

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How long does the process take?

The whole process usually takes from 6 months to 1 year. It can be shortened depending on several circumstances such as: invitation for work, profession, degrees, years of experience etc. but, the vast majority of the cases fall in this time bracket.


Does the process include my family?

Yes. The process will always include your immediate family, as it is defined by the Canadian government: You + your spouse and children under age of 18. Please notice that brothers, sisters and parents are not included in the immediate family concept.


Does my spouse have to take the English test as well?

It depends. If you have enough points on your score to be approved by yourself, your spouse won’t need to take the test. But, it is always advisable that they take the test in one or even two languages, because it adds precious points to your final score.


How much will it cost me?

The total cost of the immigration process is between €4,000 and €6,000. It depends on the immigration package that better suits you.


Will you find a job for me?

Yes. One of the services we provide is finding a job offer for our candidates.


What is the “Express Entry”?

Express Entry is one of the programs created by the Canadian government to streamline the immigration process. It encompasses not only the federal programs but also several of the provincial programs.


What is “provincial nominee”?

The provincial nominee is a local program of immigration shaped by the provinces themselves, based on their local needs and with a tailored offer that matches those needs.


How can you prove that you are a legitimate company?

It`s Canada Time is very experienced and qualified Immigration company verified by Google with thousands of satisfied clients.

Most importantly, we work only with RCICs consultants that are regulated by ICCRC – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.


Are you registered in the Canadian government?

No, we`re a non-governmental institution that provides services to people that want to immigrate to Canada. We work with several RCICs that are the ones in charge to apply your documentation to the Canadian government.


What documents should I provide for you?

In the appropriate time, you will receive a list of documents suited to your particular case.


Who is in charge of my case?

Your immigration expert will guide you in the initial stages of your immigration process and afterward your case will be handled by documentation expert from our customer service department. Once your documentation will be ready for submission, your case will be handled by one of our RCICs.


What should I do once all my documentation will be provided?

Once all the documentation will be provided, our documentation expert will analyze it and respond to you if everything is in order. If so, your case will be then transferred to the RCIC.


What is the guarantee that I will get the visa to Canada?

There are no guarantees you will get the visa since it is approved by the Canadian government. But, we will guide and assist you in preparing all the documentation in the best way possible.


What if I don’t pass the English test?

You can take it again in order to get a better score.


Why upgrade packages?

Our different packages were built to suit different needs of different clients.

ItsCanadaTime is an international, privately operated company with no ties to the government. This includes the form present on this website that isn’t affiliated with any official government forms. The company aims to provide services using its knowledge of immigration to help people from all over the world relocate to Canada.